Pressure sensors
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Pressure sensors
For almost every purpose
  • low dead volume (≤ 47 μl)
  • self-venting
  • calibrated and temperature compensated
  • effective media resistance
    (parts in contact with medium: Teflon, silicon)
  • pressure range: 0 up to 10bar
    (35 bar maximum pressure without irreversible damages)
  • short-circuit proof output
  • TTL (5V) supply voltage
  • internal voltage reference: 0,5 up to 4,5V output

Supply voltage: 4,8 ...5,3V


Environmental conditions:
Storage temperature: -55°C - +100°C
Ambient temperature during operation: -40°C - + 85°C
Relative humidity: 0...95%


Of the mechanical tension
Highlighted by red arrows


Measuring effect:
Piezo resistant is formed by a p-endowed diffused resistance in a n-endowed semiconductor substrate. If this substrate and with it also the Piezo-resistant-mechanical tensions is put out, the electrical resistance changes.


Pressure Sensors


Typical characteristics

All details at supply voltage = 5,00V, RL > 100kΩ, temp = 25°C (if not noted separately)

characteristics min. typ. max. unit
Offset at 0 bar 0,4 0,5 0,6 V
Measuring span 3,9 4,0 4,1 V
Final rash at nominal pressure   4,5   V
Thermal effects Offset     ±1 %FSS1
(-40 to +85°C) Measuring span     ±2 %FSS1
Repeatability and hysteresis   ±0,2   %FSS1
Long-term stability2   ±0,5   %FSS1
Non-linearity (BSL)3     ±0,5 %FSS1
Power conusmption     10 mA
Reaction time   1   ms
Pressure Sensors Pressure Sensors